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So I’m pretty sure the person Dean is talking to here is Cas. It can’t be Sam as even with his new short haircut that much of his ear and neck wouldn’t be visible from this angle, and I also spy a tiny bit of a tan collar there in the corner. And you know what this reminds me of? That scene in Road Trip where he’s talking with Cas and says “so what you’re saying is we’re both a couple of dumbasses?” and even with everything going on he’s still so soft and calm around him.

I’m gonna stick with my theory that Dean will not be cured all the way in 10x03, but Sam will administer human blood to him that will act as a temporary fix until they can figure out what to do about the MoC. I don’t know if Cas will be present for the curing, but it looks like he’s in the bunker at some point as I believe they’re standing in Dean’s room in this scene. IDK I’m just emotional about the way he talks to Cas and the way he is with Cas and the two of them standing in his room talking goodbye friends I am gone.

Can…can I just point out that this line is probably the most Real!Dean-ish line we see in the promo, that his affect and tone are not inline with Demon!Dean and more in line with Dean at the end of “Stairway to Heaven.”


Yes! I mean I’m pretty sure if I’m right about this then this would likely come after the cure/attempted cure/human blood injections/whatever you choose to call it and thus he will have regained a lot of his humanity (even if only temporarily), but still…just the way he always is with Cas when it’s just the two of them… :’)

Dunno if it’s the same thing Holly noticed to say they’re likely in Dean’s room, but I think they are because the object half-visible in the bottom right corner looks like the crooked cross Dean keeps above his bed on the left side (though it doesn’t have the white string on it anymore).

(Also Dean’s eyes would be pointing at something that is too much at his own eye level for it to be Sam?)

That’s definitely the color/texture of his bedroom wall, and it does appear to be either one of the crosses (which I thought at first, but it doesn’t have the rope wrapped around the center and it’s not quite the right shape?), or the wooden mallet that sits on the recessed shelf behind his bed. Also if you up the brightness on this a bit it appears that they’re standing off to the left of his bed, as I spy the column-like structure that sits in between the two walls in the corner.

Based on all of this, I think it’s safe to say this is Dean talking to Cas in his bedroom…let’s just hope this scene doesn’t get cut…

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